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While in the auto shop Okami was put to work by Jamie's uncle. It was mostly just carry this or pass me that. She didn't mind, as long as she could still listen to Jamie's stories. They were fascinating. He had journeyed all over the traveling world with his uncle, searching for parts for different machines. They even supplied the Mecha department here in Buten, whatever that was, but Jamie's uncle seemed to be proud of that so it was probably a big thing.

“So how often are you on the road?” Okami asked as she helped Jamie lift something.

“Every three months or so,” Jamie's uncle said from under the car. “Jamie show her the map.”

Jamie huffed as they put down a large box of spare parts, “Sure thing, Uncle.”

He ran over to the wall and touched some buttons Okami hadn't even noticed. Two thin mechanical arms extended from the brick and a panel of light shot between them. Okami gasped and jumped back, a little startled at the bright lights. The light blurred and changed colour to form an image of a map.

“Wow,” Okami finally said. She was speechless.

“I know right!” Jamie beamed, mistaking her shock for awe. “My uncle built it himself. Something like this would've cost an arm and a leg. Maybe even two, but anyway here is the route we take.”

Jamie moved his hands over the holographic screen and it shimmered, tracing the road they traveled in red. Okami watched it move all around the map, but stopped when her eyes landed on a dark spot, it had swirling shadows and glowing eyes.

“What's that?” Okami asked interrupted Jamie's explanation of the map.

“Oh, that's an Akuma Zone,” Jamie explained.

Okami stared at it intently. Suddenly just next to the dark patch a flashing red light appeared and a short ping sound played. Okami flinched on the spot, alarmed at the sudden sound. Jamie's uncle approached the board and tapped the dot.

“Hmm, there's been another sighting,” he mumbled grimly, while scrolling through a pop up window. “It sounds big. We'll have to change our route.”

“Uncle's managed to hook up the board to the Akuma live feed,” Jamie explained, noting Okami's frown. “It let's us know where any dangers are and if any new ones appear. It's really helpful on the road.”

“They're appearing more often,” Jamie's Uncle muttered, almost to himself.

There was some silence for a bit. Okami was amazed at how a little dot could affect the mood so drastically. She made a mental note to never find one of those in real life. A sudden shout from the front of the shop broke the tension.

“Hello? Old man Ray, you there?”

“Yes, yes. Come in, we're just at the back. Ah, Sil, I was wondering when you would be stopping by,” replied Ray.

“Yeah, it's lunch time now, so I thought I would pop in,” Sil said as he entered the shop. “Did you manage to find anything I requested?”

“Not everything, but I think you'll be very happy with what we have,” Ray answered, pulling up a wrapped package.

“Lunch time...Wait, it's lunch time already!” Okami exclaimed, startled at the time she had spent in the shop. “I have to get going if I want to see more of the city.”

“Thanks for your help,” Okami said as she waved and ran for the exit. “Come on, Kage!”

“No problem. See you around!” Jamie shouted back.

Kage lazily got up and trotted after Okami. Sil pulled his head out the box, frowning. He hadnt realized that there was someone else in the shop. He stared at a little girl and large dog enter the bustling street. His frown suddenly turned into a shocked expression as he recognized them. He jumped back, alarmed.

“Th-That's the girl!” he exclaimed in a panic. He ran after her and scanned the busy crowd, while hastily searching his pockets. What is she doing here?

“Ah, um, I'll come back later, Ray,” Sil stuttered, while trying to find the girl. “Something, um, important suddenly appeared.”

Sil ran into the crowd, pulling out his two-way radio and changed it to the correct frequency, barely keeping an eye on Okami.

“Znake!” He shouted over the roar of the market. “The girl's out!”

There was some static before the Hebikami answered, “Yeah, we know. We're looking for her.”

“It's Znake's fault!” Haruka shouted from the background.

Sil heard them start an argument in the background, but before it got out of hand Sil interrupted, “I just saw her. She's at the market.”

“We'll be right there!” Znake responded.

Sil grinned. Now all he had to do was keep the girl here. He looked up to where he had just seen her and his smile dropped from his face. Sorrow filled his chest. There was a thump followed by another and Sil felt a hand touch his shoulder. Sil turned around to see Znake and Haruka.

“Well? Where is she?” Znake asked, his eyes dashing around.

“I..I lost her,” Sil said flatly with a blank face.

“Honestly, Sil. How could you let the same little girl outsmart you twice?” Haruka mocked.

“She was right there!” Sil retorted, in frustration.

Znake began massaging his temples. Haruka was about to say something back, but he interrupted her, “Okay, enough! Let's just split up and look for her. She couldn't have gone that far.”

Haruka and Sil nodded and ran off in different directions. Znake turned and gazed at the busy market place and sighed. Honestly, how can one girl be so much trouble?


Okami had finished looking around the bit of the city that was near the hospital and had even met some other friendly people, who were kind enough to give Okami and Kage some food. They were crossing over a field that looked like it belonged to a school, the setting sun’s rays making it a light golden-green.

“Wow, this field is nice. It’s so soft, hey, Kage?” she said as she scrunched her feet into the grass. She had taken her shoes and socks off because she liked to walk bare-feet and put them in a bag she was given by one of the shop owners for helping him catch his escaping chicken.

Kage barked happily and dance around Okami on the expansive field. Okami found a large enough stick and through it. Kage went to fetch it and brought it back. They did this a few times. Okami sighed peacefully, closing her eyes and enjoying the setting sun’s warm rays on her face. It was nice to just relax. She hadn’t felt this content since, well never. This city had truly been a blessing. It was just what she needed to get back on her feet again. Maybe there would even be someone here that could help her. She hadn’t been sure what she was searching for or why she wandered aimlessly, but after the past month the answer slowly surfaced. She needed to find out who she was and why she was different. She thought about the benevolent force she had felt after the first city. Was that a clue? Okami’s concentration was broken by a soft scream.

“Huh?” said Okami, opening her eyes and turning in the direction of the scream. Kage looked up from the stick he was chewing and perked his ears.

“What was that?” Okami wondered.

Just then Okami heard loud laughter coming from the same direction.

“Let’s go check it out,” Okami said and ran forward, her curiosity getting the better of her.

Before Kage could give a protesting bark Okami was already half way there, so he ran to catch up. Okami came to the edge of a building and she looked cautiously around the side. The scream belonged to a little girl who was standing behind a small boy, both of then not much younger than Okami. The little boy was standing defensively in front of the little girl, she was crying. The little boy had his fists placed rigidly in front of him. The loud laughs came again and Okami peered around the corner more. They belonged to two older boys.

“Aw, isn’t that cute? Come on, kid put those down,” one of the boys mocked.

“Yeah, you’re going to hurt yourself or should I say we are.”

The older boys burst into laughter again. From what Okami could deduce the older boys were picking on the younger two. Okami’s fist tightened and she stared growling. She didn’t like people that preyed on those weaker than themselves. The older boys laughed again then advanced on the little boy.

“You won’t last against us. We’re level ones and you’re not even in the academy yet.”

One of the older boys kicked the little boy in the side and he fell down. The other started terrorizing the girl. They both laughed again. Okami had had enough; she put down her things and walked forward. Her spirit flared, her rage fueling it.

“Wait here, Kage,” she said in a cold voice. Kage looked up at her but stayed where he was.


Znake and Haruka were now tired from searching the entire city and were walking back in the direction of the hospital, with Znake massaging his temples again.

“I can’t believe she just disappeared like that…”

Haruka looked up. “Don’t worry…I’m sure we will find her, Znake.”

“Yeah, but it’s not like she’s just going to jump out in front of-”

“Hey! You two, stop that!”

“Huh?” Znake looked up. To the left of the road was the entrance to the Academy’s courtyard and there was a girl with her back to Znake, she looked oddly familiar, and two older boys with two younger children.

Haruka looked up too. “Ah! That’s Ghost and Chasuki! What are those boys doing to them?”

Haruka made a move to run for the two children but Znake held her back.

“Znake! That’s-”

“I know, but let’s just see what’s going to happen.”


“Huh? What you say?” One of the older boys turned around and glared at Okami, he faltered a bit at the intensity of her eyes.

“You want to get taught a lesson too, huh?” Threatened the other.

Ignoring their threats Okami said again but louder and more serious, “I said stop that!”

“What you going to do if we don’t, little girl?”

“I’ll stop you,” Okami said simply shrugging her shoulders, like it was obvious.

Okami walked forward to face the two bullies and they left the younger children to deal with her.

“Oh, really? You’re going to stop us, huh?”

They taunted Okami, trying to intimidate her, but she just looked at them with calm gold eyes.

“Znake, please! This is madness, she’s just a girl. She can’t handle two level ones!” said Haruka franticly trying to squirm out of his grip, but Znake remained where he was and didn’t let go of her arm.

The boy behind Okami put a hand on her shoulder.

“Listen, kid, we’re level ones. So don’t even-”

With a growing grin on her face Okami elbowed the boy behind her perfectly in his solar plexus. He coughed, winded, and spat out some saliva.

“What the-?!” yelped the boy in front of Okami.

He then attacked her with his left fist. Okami’s reaction was timeless. She swooped to her left and deflected his punch with a quick movement of her right hand. Then with his abdomen exposed Okami hammered his stomach with a powerful punch. The first boy was getting up so Okami vaulted off the boy in front of her, knocking him to the ground, and back flipped high enough to land in a sitting position on the shoulders of the other.

There’s no doubt about it! That’s her, thought Znake while watching the fight, relief settling over him.

Once on the other boy’s shoulders Okami tightened her legs around his neck and pulled him into a forced back flip which sent him crashing to the floor. Okami landed gracefully just in front of him. She looked up at the two children, they were staring at her, dumbfounded. The little girl was the first to break the silence.

“That was amazing, Onee-chan! Thank-you!”

“Onee-chan? Hehe,” Okami managed as she started blushing and rubbed the back of her head shyly.

“Are you apart of the Academy?” asked the little girl.

“The Academy? I don’t think so…” Okami said while thinking about it, her eyes returning to blue.

“That was still amazing. You’re really good at fighting, Onee-chan.”

The little boy still hadn’t said anything.

“Say thank-you, Ghost,” the little girl nudged the boy in the ribs.

“Thank-you. Ah! Onee-chan, look out!” The little boy pointed behind Okami.

Okami turned around to see the one older boy had a blade in his hand and was winding up to slash Okami. Just then Kage jumped out of the shadows and clamped his jaws on the blade.

“Ah!!” screamed both boys in terror. Kage growled threateningly.

“L-let’s get out of here!!”

Both boys made a run for it, frantically trying to get away like a scared bunch of chickens. Kage trotted up to Okami and gave her the blade.

“Ah! A dog!” said the little girl and jumped back.

“Don’t worry, he’s very friendly,” Okami said reassuringly.

The little girl hesitantly patted Kage and he in turn licked her cheek. She giggled a bit, overcoming her fear of him.

“We’ve been looking all over for you,” said a voice from behind them.

Okami turned around quickly. Znake and Haruka approached them.

“Aniki!” greeted the little boy.

“Aniki...?” Okami repeated, looking up at Znake who was being hugged by Ghost.

What’s an Aniki? She twitched her nose.
Okami - Chapter 6: Leave them alone!
Ok, so here is the next chapter! Okami gets up to more trouble :D

Hope you enjoy!

Another week went by before Okami finally woke up. It was a gradual awakening unlike last time. Her eyes blinked open a few times to get use to the lighting of the room. Once they had returned to normal focus they landed on a fluffy collection at her feet, who was sleeping peacefully.

“Kage!” she screamed happily. Kage looked up and barked in return. He got up and licked Okami on the cheek, taking up almost the whole bed.

“Haha, I missed you boy!”

Okami gazed around at the room. The large windows on the far wall allowed the warm sunlight to stream in making it seem friendly and happy.

“Where are-?” Okami abruptly stopped as her nose picked up a smell that completely absorbed her mind. Her mouth watered as she looked in the direction of the smell.

“Food!” Okami leaped out of bed and grabbed the bowl. She was too hungry to care what it was and just gobbled it down. Okami finished the meal in seconds, its warmth spread through her body making her feel stronger. Kage shook his head and licked Okami’s face clean of the sauce that she had splattered over her chin while hurriedly eating.

“Hehe, that tickles. So, you want to take a look around?” Okami grinned mischievously. Kage just barked. Okami shrugged and began to walk towards the door but something pulled her back. She looked down at her arm to where she felt the tugging. There were a few wires stuck to her skin like small suction cups, which were hocked up to a box. Okami looked at them with a frown and tilted her head, trying to guess their purpose. After some thought she pulled them off and continued out the door with Kage right behind her. He was wagging his tail in excitement, happy that Okami had finally woken up. The halls were empty and no one stopped them from leaving the hospital. Okami looked the street up and down trying to decide which way to go. She was anxiously excited to start exploring and this time Kage was with her, so she didn’t fear anything.


A light went off on the huge monitor in the control room and a small beeping noise captured Haruka’s attention away from the report page she was reading.

“Huh? Oh no, that’s the kid’s room,” Haruka said, running out to go investigate.

As Haruka reached the room it was empty and Znake’s meal order had been devoured too, the bowl lying on its side.

“Great,” she mumbled to herself. “And where is everyone?”

Haruka checked her watch. “Damn it, lunch break for this section.”

This little girl was very lucky. What are the chances?
Suddenly a nurse ran up to her.

“H-Haruka!” she shouted breathlessly. “I just saw the girl and the dog leaving the hospital.”

“What?! And you didn’t stop her?” Haruka burst out angrily.

“No…Not after what she did to Sil,” the nurse mumbled bashfully.

Haruka sighed. She couldn’t blame the nurse, she was still cautious when she checked up on the girl too.

“Find, the Hebikami and tell him that the girl has disappeared.”

The nurse nodded and then ran off to Quadrant B, where the Hebikami was doing his rounds in the hospital. Haruka then made her way to the hospital exit, scanning the street. In the distance she saw a little girl, in a white dress, walking next to a huge grey dog.

“There you are,” she said to herself and made to run after her but Znake stepped out in front of her.

“The girl’s missing!” he exclaimed, breathing hard from running to the exit too.

Haruka skidded to a halt, surprised.

“Yes, Znake, but if you would just-”

“I can’t believe it! How’d that happen? Ah, she could be anywhere now.”

Haruka just pointed behind Znake at the figure in the distance.


Okami walked down the street staring in every direction. She had never seen a city this big, it was certainly much bigger than the previous one.

“Wow,” she said in awe, watching as the buildings she passed reflected the morning rays. There were shops everywhere and selling everything imaginable too. So many new and interesting sounds and smells, Okami was overwhelmed.

“This place is really pretty, Kage. And it’s not like that other one,” Okami shivered at the memory. “This place smells nice and it feels different. What do you think, Kage?”

As usual, Kage just barked. Okami looked around at the people going on their merry way from store to store. Her eyes gleamed. She rushed in, absorbing every little detail. There were shops that had food, shops that had clothes, jewelry, shoes, wigs, rugs, furniture, animals and many other things Okami had never even seen before, strange objects that looked out of place among the old buildings. There was so much diversity squashed into one street. Okami was too distracted with all the wonderful things that she walked right into a pole. She hit her head and received a few chuckles from passer-bys that noticed. She looked up and read the sign at the top: Welcome to the Buten Market! Marvel’s from all around the traveling world!

Wow, Okami thought in wonder, the excitement bubbling up again, but she frowned.

“What do they mean the traveling world?”

“That’s all the major cities and towns, that haven’t been declared an Akuma Zone,” a voice answered.

Okami turned to face the voice. She was surprised that anyone had heard her over the noise of the bustling market. Okami found a young man sitting atop a large box, he looked scruffy with thick gloves, short blonde hair and oil stains all over his clothes. Okami sniffed the air and wrinkled her nose. He smelt funny too. Kage walked up behind Okami and looked at the boy too.

“Hey, that’s a nice dog you got there.”

“Thanks, but he’s actually a wolf!” said Okami, boasting with her head held high and her fists on her hips. The older boy laughed.

“Yeah, sure he is. Mind if I pat him?” The boy said, not really believing the wolf part.

The boy reached out to Kage, who gladly accepted the attention.

“What’s an Akuma Zone?” Okami asked.

The older boy laughed, but stopped when he saw Okami was serious.

“You don’t know? Where have you been for the past fifty years?” The boy joked.

He cleared his throat when Okami didn’t respond.

“Um,” he faltered. “It’s a zone that’s declared too dangerous to live in anymore.”


“A-Ah, because there are too many monsters and natural disasters.”

Monsters? Okami thought, puzzled, she hadn’t encountered anything like that in her travels. She opened her mouth to ask a follow up question, but a large crash came from within the store behind the boy.

“Ahhh! Blast it! These tires are getting in the way. Jamie! Come help me, damn it!”

“Coming, Uncle!” Jamie ran off into the shop.

Okami and Kage leaned in curiously.

“Wow,” Okami smiled, as she gazed at the store’s interior. The walls were lined with countless tools and small mechanical cranes were in every corner, but what really grabbed Okami’s attention was the object in the middle of the room. It looked familiar.

“Hey, watch out!” Warned Jamie as a tire as large as Okami bounced toward her.

Okami stopped it with ease and pick it up, returning it to the owner of the store, much to his surprise. He was even scruffier than Jamie and he smelt of oil, fumes and sweat.

“Thanks, kid. Maybe I should hire you instead of Jamie. Ha!” The old man laughed, wheezing, ignoring Jamie’s complaints.

“So what’s that?” Okami pointed at the half finished structure taking up most of the room.

“That’s the latest model,” Jamie’s Uncle boasted. “Just got it in. This puppy’s going to bring in some serious cash.”

Okami frowned and tilted her head, trying to get a better look at it. Puppy?
She failed to see how this large mechanical contraption was a puppy. It looked nothing like Kage.

“Where’s its fur?” she asked, bewildered.

“Haha, no, he doesn’t mean a real dog. This is a car,” Jamie explained, patting the hood. “Ever driven one?”

“A car, huh?” Okami repeated, remembering the accident. “I’ve never driven one, but I know how to crash it.”

Jamie laughed and explained how it worked, while his Uncle was attaching the tires, “I’ve heard only the rich of the rich can afford them. Everybody else just has to walk or use horses.”

Okami sat down listening intently to Jamie’s story. Kage yawned and laid down, closing his eyes. She had never heard of cars until the first city. Maybe she had stayed in the wild too long. There were probably more things out there that would surprise her that she couldn't even imagine.


Znake and Haruka came running up the street searching for the little girl and her dog, passing the Auto-shop completely.

“She couldn’t have gone far,” Haruka said to Znake, frantically.

“Yeah, well if someone had been watching her, this wouldn’t have happened,” Znake replied, irritated. How could one little girl give them so much trouble?

“That was your job…” Haruka mumbled under her breathe.

“I-I just went for a quick round about the hospital!” He said defensively. “How was I supposed to know that she would wake up? A-anyway, it can’t be that hard to find a dog that big…”
Okami - Chapter 5: Finally awake
Okay, here is the 5th Chapter! Okami is awake and full of excitement about the new city, that's just waiting to be explored.

It's a bit of a short chapter, but hope you enjoy. :D

A few days had passed since the terrifying incident in the city. Okami and Kage have had very little luck in finding food and when they did it was just enough to keep them going until they found something else. Often they had to steal from farms to survive, something Okami did not want to keep doing. It was summer now so that meant hot, dry and windy weather, making their situation even more straining. They barely managed to put the next foot or paw in front of the other, but still they forced themselves to walk on to a destination that neither of them knew. It was mid-morning when in the distance Okami could make out a structure.

“Come on, Kage,” she rasped, her throat dry from lack of water. Her voice cracked every time she tried to speak and when the words did come out it sounded like a dry leaf being crushed.

“It might be a well,” she struggled to continue. Or just another illusion.

Okami was hot and she could feel the little strength she had left escaping her like the sweat evaporating from her skin. After being exposed to the wind for the past couple of days, Okami no longer felt the sand stinging her legs when a gust blew by. She could barely keep her eye lids open, but she pushed forward until the structure came into view. It wasn’t a well at all but an entire city. Despite her previous experience with a city Okami smiled. Finally, they had found some place to rest. She was wary of entering as distant memories of horror and blood surfaced into her mind, but she also didn’t have much choice. Both her and Kage were nearing their physical limit. With what little energy she had left she forced herself to carry on walking to the city, hopefully this one would be more welcoming and helpful than the other one. Okami and Kage slowly entered through the huge front gate of the City and they were instantly met with a lively energy. There were people moving around, entering and leaving the city, carts making their way up and down the large roads, tradesmen bargaining and trying to strike deals. Okami couldn’t put her finger on it, but this city was different, she could feel a welcoming presence that the other city so obviously lacked. She felt at peace and all her anxiety melted away. Okami slowly closed her eyes. And then she gave in.


Znake was making his rounds about the city checking in on everything and just the general well-being of the people. He was at the main gate inspecting the guards list of all the people that had left the city on missions and those who had returned; with him was Haruka and Sil. Sil didn’t usually accompany the two on morning checks, but he wanted to take a break from the engineering wing and get some fresh air.

“Well, everything seems to be in order here,” Znake said while reading the guards list.

“Thank you very much, Hebikami-sama!” The two guards both said and bowed.

“Then I shall take my leave. Work hard,” he said as he turned to leave.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed someone making their way through the gate. Something wasn’t right, the person moved awkwardly and staggered into the city then once in stopped. Znake was some distance away but he could still see that this person was breathing heavily and struggling to make their next move. Znake frowned and turned to face the newcomer. Next to her was a huge dog, it also looks exhausted. He could see its ribs poking through its fur. Haruka and Sil, who had both already started to move on, turned and also noticed the new arrivals.

“Hmm, they look pretty beaten up,” Sil said as he took in their appearance.

“Aye, sir, this time of year makes it really hard for traveling,” commented one of the guards, fanning himself with the guards list.

“She looks a little too young to be traveling by herself though,” mentioned Haruka, indifferently.

“Hm, they come in younger and younger every year, Miss,” said the other guard, sitting down with his feet up on the small desk in front of him.

Znake didn’t say anything; he just cautiously looked at the character, slightly frowning.
Okami stopped a few feet into the city when her vision blurred, the first sign of her body shutting down. She could feel her stomach cramp painfully and her heartbeat sounded like it was right next to her ears. Her mind slowly started to go next. Okami found herself thinking unfinished sentences and words that didn’t make sense, but she managed to say, “We…made it, Kage…”

Those were the last words Okami spoke before malnutrition, not sleeping properly and walking in sun all day overwhelmed her. Her legs became too weak to support her body and they gave in, Kage gave out a small helpless whimper and followed soon after her.

Znake saw the person sway and instinctively flashed to their side catching her before she hit the ground. She was very light which meant that she hadn’t eaten in a while.

“Get me some water over here!” He ordered and one of the guards immediately ran off. He came back and handed it to Znake. Znake pushed the container to the little girl’s lips. Okami was barely aware of what was happening around her but she could feel water flow over her lips. That gave her a spark of alertness. She immediately thought of Kage and pushed Znake’s hand away and pointed to her poor collapsed companion. Znake frowned and tried again but Okami still pointed at Kage. So once Znake had given some water to the dog then the girl drank the water hastily.

“She’s strange,” he mumbled to himself. By now the two guards from the gate, Haruka and Sil had formed a semi-circle behind Znake looking down at the little girl and the dog. Even some pedestrians had stopped to look at the commotion.

“Who is she…?” One of the guards asked.

“She doesn’t look to good,” commented the other.

“Haruka please take her to the hospital right now. Sil you take the dog,” Znake commanded as he gently passed the little girl over to Haruka.

“Hai,” Haruka said in surprise but acted on the instruction immediately and gently took the girl from Znake. Wow, she’s light, she thought.

“Why do I have to get the dog?” Sil complained, but he begrudgingly loaded the dog onto his back.

Okami and Kage were rushed to the hospital. On the way there Okami faded into a deep sleep and she hoped dearly that this was a good place, for her and Kage’s sake.


A week pasted and neither the girl nor dog woke up. This was troubling Znake especially after the report came back on her physical check-up that Haruka preformed. They found that she had extreme malnutrition and the dog was in an even worse state. They also both suffered damage from overexposure to the harsh elements not to mention the ridiculous amount of cuts and bruises they both had. Znake was surprised that neither of them were infected. The hospital staff had done their best to work the two out of their critical condition and over the past week Znake could see an improvement. Every morning since the day she had arrived he would check up on her, when one day she responded to him entering the room. It was just a slight movement of her head but it was a vast improvement from her normal coma like state.

“Hmm?” He went over to the bed and checked her vitals then sighed when nothing had changed. He sat down on the chair next to the bed and rubbed his temples.

“It’s been a week already…”

Just then Haruka burst through the door, “Znake! It’s the dog. It woke up and started going crazy. Sil is trying to calm it down, but hurry!”

“What? Sedate him quickly!”

An animal that large could seriously injury someone without even trying, Znake though seriously and rushed for the door.

Okami responded to the mentioning of a dog but both Znake and Haruka were too preoccupied to notice her coming to.


Okami’s eyes flashed open. She looked at the door and didn’t hesitate at Haruka’s reaction, whose mouth had dropped open at Okami’s sudden revival. She dashed for the door, pulling all the tubes that were attached to her body out, and escaped Znake’s attempt to grab hold of her. She acrobatically twisted out of his reach and flipped over Haruka. Once out the door she immediately ran in the direction of the loud barking, with Znake and Haruka pursuing her. The sound of Kage’s barks lead Okami to a flight of stairs, which she overcame easily by jumping down each flight until she landed in front of Sil, who was still struggling to get near Kage. The nurses were backed up against the wall making sure to keep a safe distance from the berserk dog. Sil was so shocked at Okami’s arrival that he didn’t know how to react.

“Don’t you dare lay a hand on Kage!” Okami hissed in a hard voice.

She glared at Sil with firm gold eyes. Seconds later Znake and Haruka caught up with Okami. Znake surveyed the situation instantly and signaled for Sil to move in on the girl. Sil took a step forward but Okami stopped him in his tracks by back flipping out of his reach and gracefully kicking him in the chin at the same time. Okami then landed perfectly on her feet just in front of Kage, who had now calmed down at seeing her again. Sil didn’t expect that at all, which resulted in him losing his balance and his back meeting the floor with a loud slam. This all happened in the few seconds it took Znake to descend the stairs. Okami then rose and turned to Kage but before she could say anything her eyes changed back to the soft blue and she returned to her unconscious state. Znake caught her again and sighed when he noticed that she was unconscious once more. Some of the nurses were now whispering in excited hushed voices at the sudden action scene.

“She’s strange,” he mumbled to himself again.

Sil sat up and rubbed his chin, there was a small graze there now. He then blushed as he noticed the surrounding nurses whispering with laughter to each other that the Head of the Mecha Engineering Department (MED) was taken down by a little girl. Once he realized this he quickly got to his feet. At the same time Znake picked up the girl.

“All right! All right, nothing to see here, get back to your patients!” Ordered Haruka. As she shooed the nurses off she turned back to the situation behind her, with Sil still blushing and rubbing his chin and Znake holding the girl. Then Haruka noticed that the dog had remained conscious.

“Znake,” she called as he was about to turn. “The dog is still awake.”

Znake looked back at the dog and blinked in surprise, “What?”

When the little girl had fainted again he had just assumed that the dog would too. He stared at the dog curiously. It was vaguely waging its tail and looking at the girl.

“That’s strange,” he said softly, almost to himself.

“Why’s he not going mad anymore?” asked Sil looking down at the dog that had caused him so much trouble, a little angry.

“Hm, I will have to make sure of this, but I think there is a connection between these too,” said Haruka in almost an analytical voice. “Maybe a scan of their brains will pick up any unusual neural activity.”

“Then if they have a connection, how come the dog is still awake?” asked Sil, he never had a knack for medical conversations.

“Animals are built for surviving harsh conditions better that humans and she’s only a little girl, Sil,” Haruka said in a didn’t-you-know-that voice.

“Oh, right,” Sil mumbled.

Once Znake had placed the little girl back in her room, with the dog following him, Haruka began to set up a neuron brain scanner to start her research. The results that came back were some very unheard of and unfamiliar ones.

“There is definitely a connection between the two and a powerful one. I suspect that once the dog woke up and she wasn’t with him he became distressed and that feeling was strong enough to revive her from her coma,” Haruka explained to Znake as the images from the scan were displayed on a big screen.

“What’s that black space here?” asked Znake as he noticed a large absence of colour in the girl’s scan compared to the dog.

“I was just about to get there,” Haruka said slightly annoyed at Znake, like he had just ruined her show.

“I’m not actually sure,” Haruka mumbled, shifting her glasses up, making them reflect the light from the projector.

“What?” Znake pressed for more information.

“What? I’ve never seen this before. If a person is in a coma their neural activity will be minimal, however her neural activity is the complete opposite. It’s way above that of a normal conscious human. And this spot over here…I have no idea what could be here, like I said before I’ve never ever seen anything like this. With your permission I would like to do some more tests,” Haruka finally finished and turned to Znake. He nodded in return.

On his way back to his office, Znake could not get the little girl out of his mind. He had never heard Haruka say that she had never seen something before and her behavior was so strange. What was puzzling him the most was her sudden revival and how she, in her state, could have possibly knocked Sil off balance.

“I guess I will just have to wait for Haruka to bring me some results that actually make sense,” he said to himself.
Okami - Chapter 4: Buten
So after a horrifying experience with the city Okami and Kage are reunited and continue their journey.

Stumbling into another city Okami and her furry companion hope that its nothing like the first.

Hope you enjoy :D



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So I saw this one thing on Facebook about a 30 day drawing challenge and I decided that that would be a good way to get back into drawing.
The list certainly looks interesting enough and would probably be fun to draw nevertheless :D

So I am going to take up the challenge! But not in 30 days. Alas, I am too busy for 30 days straight, but I will try draw as often as possible :D

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